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Prophecy seminar presented in August 2017


This series is specifically designed for young people and will give you an insight and understanding into the biblical prophecies of Daniel that will not only educate you but dramatically impact your spiritual walk with Jesus.  

This prophecy seminar is specifically designed for Pathfinders in preparation for the 2018 Pathfinder Bible Experience, yet is open to all young people that want to learn more about Daniel and Bible prophecy. 

About Our Speaker:  Tim Madding - For over twenty years, Tim’s powerful, yet simple, method of presenting Bible prophecy has captivated audiences throughout the United States and the world. A devoted Christian, Tim has earned three degrees in theology and spent thousands of hours of his personal time studying the Bible. During his presentations, his intimacy with Scripture helps the prophecies come alive. Some have even said that they’ve learned more about the Bible during his presentations than in all their years as Christians. This series is sure to be a great blessing! You won’t want to miss it!

For more information email: potomac.pbe@gmail.com

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