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King David: The Making of a Heart After God

King David - Part Two: A Road to Destruction

Have you ever wished someone envied you? Don’t. It is like harboring a death wish. In the second message of the series, Pastor Tim Madding takes us through the experience of Saul’s envy of David and provides us with hope as to how we can develop compassion for those we envy rather than being destroyed on the destructive road of envy.
Saturday, February 25, 2017


King David: The Making of a Heart After God

Using King Saul and David in the biblical account of 1st Samuel, this series examines David’s character shaping experiences in contrast to Saul’s and from them o?ers wisdom essential for knowing how to cope and make our own wise decisions. In this six part message series we will look carefully at the choices David made and discover biblical principles in having a heart after God.

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