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How to Stay Safe Online: Enjoy the Benefits of the Internet and Avoid the Dangers




7 pm

About the Course

Worried about being hacked? What is phishing anyway? Is it safe to shop online?

This course will take a practical approach to explaining what you can do to make your increasingly online life safer. Along the way, we will also discuss practical ways you can secure yourself and your information. We will also take a look at how parents can help their children to be safe online.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • General

    • Anti-virus - how do I choose? How can I set it up?

    • Encryption - what is it? Why should I care?

    • A brief look at how the Internet works.

  • Password Managers

    • What are they? Do I really need one?

    • How to install them and use them

  • Email

    • How to tell if an email is a fake

    • When is it ok to click on an email link?

  • Online safety

    • How to browse safely

    • Cookies - tasty dessert or annoying Internet thing?

    • What is a VPN and do I need one?

  • Phone / Tablet safety

    • How can I make my phone more secure?

    • What are the risks of using voice controls?

  • Social Media

    • We'll discuss some things ways to make using it safer

Things you should know before starting this course:
  • You should know how to operate your device (computer, phone or tablet)

    • How to find and install applications

    • How to keep your device updated to the latest releases


Online - Zoom

If there is a need, we can also meet in person for one-on-one help with learning to use some of the software or other tools.

Group Leader

Vicky Oliver

Vicky Oliver

I worked as a software engineer for many years and during that time I have learned a lot about computers, technology and security. I hope to bring a practical approach to operating securely in our current online world.

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