Time Talent Treasure


Pastor Tim Madding
As followers of Jesus we recognize that it’s all FROM GOD and it’s all FOR GOD. When we give, we are “giving back” what God gave us in the first place. And that’s where joy is found, on the giving side of life. In the final message of the series, Pastor Tim Madding explains that the more you give, the more you enjoy what you keep. And you discover that you cannot out give God. Every investment in God’s kingdom earns compound interest for eternity.
Saturday, August 15, 2020


Time Talent Treasure

As the people of God, we are called to steward the things that have been entrusted to us. If you don't take control of your calendar, it will take control of you- Steward your time.The more you give away, the more you enjoy what you have- Steward your treasures. Are you using your gifts to bring glory to God or to yourself- Steward your talent.

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