The Elephant In The Room

Religious Conspiracy Theories

Adventists understand that the final events of Bible prophecy will be the result of a conspiracy between religious and political forces. As such, they are often drawn to conspiracies. The key to a conspiracy is that it is a secret- it’s done in private. For it to be a conspiracy there has to be an element of the unknown. If you knew for certain that it was true it would not be a conspiracy- it would be a fact. In this first message of the series Pastor Tim Madding addresses the Elephant in the Room of religious conspiracy theories.
Saturday, February 13, 2021


The Elephant In The Room

When sitting at the dining room table with your extended family there are two things you don’t talk about: Politics and Religion. Why? Because they’re so controversial. People get into fights over these things. Sometimes it may be wise to avoid the elephant in the room, but over the next seven weeks we as a church are going to take time to talk together about some difficult and challenging subjects and how they intersect directly with the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.

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