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Children's Sabbath School Resources


Parents, you can click on the videos below to have a Sabbath School experience with your child

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Beltsville Kids Praise


Season 2

"Lean In and Listen" Episode 9


"He Got Up!" Episode 8


"Fight My Battles" Episode 7


"Talking Donkeys" Episode 6


"My Noah" Episode 5


"Miracle Oil" Episode 4


"Beauty in Differences" Episode 3


"Rome or Bust!" Episode 2


"Commemorate It!" Episode 1



"Melt My Heart" Episode 034


"All My Needs" Episode 033

Craft Template


"Endurance" Episode 032


"New Creation" Episode 031


"A City on a Hill" Episode 030


"Real Strength" Episode 029


"Flexible in a Squeeze" Episode 028


"Everything Beautiful" Episode 027


"Jesus is Real!" Episode 026


"You Can Soar" Episode 025


"Sneaky Serpent" Episode 024


"Pulling My Strings" Episode 023


"The Kingdom is Here" Episode 022


"All the Pretty Colors" Episode 021


"Knock Them Out!" Episode 020


"Help" Episode 019


"No Matter How Long" - Episode 018


"Everyone Can Praise" - Episode 017


"Rocky Railway" Episode 016


"Beautiful Hands" Episode 015


"Brand New" Episode 014


"Sandy Thoughts" Episode 013


"The Master Creator" Episode 012


"Look Up" Episode 011


Craft Template


"Make a Joyful Noise" Episode 010


"Friends in High Places" Episode 009


" Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind" Episode 008


"Going in the Right Direction" Episode 007


"Stay with It" Episode 006


"Covered" Episode 005


"He's Alive!" Episode 004


"Wonderfully Made" Episode 003


"Not Just Plain Ole Jars" Episode 002


"Eyes of Faith" Episode 001









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