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The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible




7 pm

About the Course

God broke my heart wide open with this book and did some major healing in my life. Join us on this incredible journey and see how God does not waste a single tear. Was Eve solely to blame during the Fall of Mankind? How did Hagar feel about being forced to give Abraham an heir? Was Bathsheba really tempting David into an affair? We will take a deeper look into the lives and circumstances around what made these and other Biblical women famous or infamous. We will also see how these stories and lessons are relevant to our current struggles of being seen, heard, and understood.

Required Materials:

Book: The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible

by Mary DeMuth.

available at

Amazon - click HERE

ThriftBooks - click HERE



Group Leader

Lori Rios

Lori Rios

My name is Lori Rios and I am a member of the Tech Road Campus. I was driving to church one day when I heard, on WGTS 91.9's Breakaway program, Mary DeMuth describing her book, The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible. I later purchased the book and before I even finished reading it, I knew I had to share the beautiful messages in these stories. I am close to a lot of women who are hurting and silently struggling. I want each of them to know that God cares, understands and comes to our rescue every time. None of us walk through this life alone. We may be misunderstood by society, but God understands. My hope is that God will patch up the torn pieces of our hearts and minds, and that our conversations about the stories in this book will bring empathy and healing.

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