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The Church Online




7:00 PM

About the Course

Ever wondered how to find out what's going on at church?

Have you heard mysterious acronyms like CCB or BACC? Would you like to know what they mean?

Join a group that will take a tour of the online resources that our church offers. We'll take a look at the website, CCB, Social Media resources and more!

As a bonus, there will be at least one session (more if needed) for those who need to do more on CCB - how to create Forms, Groups, Events, How to set up a Check In (with or without printed name tags).

Suggested Supplies

  • Bring along any and all electronic devices - phone, tablet, laptop


Zoom with in-person possible

Group Leader

Vicky Oliver

Vicky Oliver

I worked as a software engineer for many years and during that time I have learned a lot about computers, technology and security. I hope to bring a practical approach to operating securely in our current online world.

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